Lisbon & Sintra (5 days, 4 nights)

Lisbon and Sintra was part of my 2 weeks trip to Spain and Portugal in 2017. Lisbon and Sintra is extremely romantic and can be a perfect honeymoon place for any newlyweds who’s looking to spend some quality time together, yet enough attractions to fill a few days. I recommend spending 2 full days in Lisbon and take a day trip to Sintra to see the most color palace in Europe!

When I planned my own Lisbon walking tour, I used Triposo. Triposo has helped me avoid bouncing across town randomly to see the attraction sites, so I can save time and my feet from dying.

Day 1: Since I arrived Portugal early evening, I decided to have dinner at a local restaurant (can’t remember the name) and a stroll around the town with my friend. I met my friend through a girlfriend I met from Girl’s Love Travel. If you’re looking for a travel buddy, I recommend joining the Girl’s Love Travel on Facebook e or use Couch Surfing to connect with other female solo travels. ***Disclaimer: Use GLT and GS on your own terms, I hold no responsibility for your safety for using the site or app.

Day 2: Lisbon’s attractions roughly break into two different parts of the city (east and west). I focused my first full day on the east side of Lisbon (main portion). Since the town is built on a hill, different view points will give you a different view of Lisbon. Lisbon is very hilly, so I recommend buying a bus/train pass (6.50 Euro) to get you as close to the attractions or view points as possible to save you a little bit of the hike.

The first of my view point stop was near the Sao Jorge Castle, which was an amazing way to start my day. The breathtaking view reminds me of a more colorful version of Greece (bucket list). I find it difficult to get a perfect shot since it was packed with tourists. After the view point, Sao Jorge Castle was naturally the next stop because it was only a 5 minute walk. The line, however, was ridiculously long, so I decided to skip it. I will recommend buying a tickets ahead of time if you want to go inside.

After San Jorge Castle, I hiked to different view points to get different views of the city. I planned it where I started from the highest part of the town and walk downhill to get to the different view points. I stayed about 30 minutes at each locations, but the amount of time to stay really depends on you and/or your group plus how much rest you need.

Day 3: I went to the west side of the town. I started my tour at Jeronimos Monstery, which takes about 30 minutes from the East of Lisbon. After that, I worked my way to Belem Tower and Padro dos Descobrimentos since they are on the other side of the train track. You need a ticket to visit all three attractions, so be prepare to wait at least 45 minutes each.

After my walking tour, I went sailing with my friends. Definitely book a sailing tour if you can, so you can see the whole Lisbon from the Tagus River (the only way you can capture a whole Lisbon since it’s build on a hill).

Day 4: Sintra is a city that you must visit if you already visiting Lisbon. Sintra is the home of Europe’s most color palace, Pena Palace. Pana Palace is beautiful, romantic and mesmerizing. Once you’re in the Pena park, take the time to hike to the cross (30 minutes hike), so you can see the palace surrounded by the forest. Note, purchase your ticket ahead of time to help save time.

How to get to Sintra? Take the train from Rossio station to Sintra station (last stop). Then, take bus 434 and it’ll stop right in front of the palace (5.00 Euro). The bus has extremely long line and is always late; hence, if you’re traveling in a group, i would suggest taking a tuck tuck instead (5.oo euro each way).

For dinner, I came back to Lisbon to eat at Cantinho do Aziz. It’s classified as African style type of food, but it tastes a lot of Malaysian curries. The food was incredibly and I would say it’s one of the best meals I had in Lisbon. After dinner, I hit a few bars with my friend and mark an end to my 2017 Europe trip.

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