Whiskey N’ Scotch Spots You’ll Find Me @ Part 2

My whiskey spots list is getting a little too long, so I’ve decided to start a part 2 edition! Here are a few new places that I’ve tried and would recommend you trying. FYI – all these review are authentic because I’m not sponsored by these bars. I’m supported these last couple of months through small private donates from my readers. Thank you for those who supported me on my eating, drinking, traveling and yoga(ing) adventures.

Noble ExperimentAnother speakeasy with an entrance next to the bathroom. Noble is inside a bar called Neighborhood. Once you enter the bar, go to the bathroom and you’re see a stack of keg. Those keg sure looks real, but they’re not; they are the entrance to your speakeasy. Noble had me at hello when I took the first sip of the special handcrafted old fashion. The old fashion is one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s very stiff, yet extremely well balanced with sweet, sour and smokiness. The sugar syrup used (instead of the sugar cubes) was also a house made special. Stop-by to have a drink or two next time you’re in San Diego, CA. FYI – be sure to make a reservation ahead of time since Noble has a max capacity at 30.

The Recess RoomA relative new gastropub with extremely good selection of whiskies and scotch. I honestly have to say I’m surprised at the selections and quality of the mix cocktails at The Recess Room. There are about 3 whisky based cocktails; most of which are smokey and stiff. Most of the cocktails here are at around $14.00 a drink, which is relative reasonable. The whiskey/scotch here are a tab bit over price, but it does carry rare brands that you may not be able to find at other bars. If latter is the case, then it’s definitely worth trying. On the weekends, the bar get extremely crowded; hence I would recommend making a reservation.

Prohibition: Prohibition is a popular speakeasy in San Diego Gaslamp Quarter. It’s right next to the Field Irish Bar. I’ve been to Field’s a couple of time and I did not even notice there was a speakeasy right ‘under’ my noise, literally. The door is masked with the ‘law office’ sign and all you need to do is to find the door, open it, and walk down a steep flights of stairs. The drinks here are a-ok, it’s not great, but it’s also not the worst. I had the penicillin here, which was spicy and sweet. It was a stiff drink; however, the drink was not mixed well, so all I tasted were the alcohol and the flavorings separately. On the weekday, there may be live music playing, so you can listen to some jazz while sipping your drink. On the weekdays, there may be a $5 – $10 cover charge.

TribuneNot really hidden, but can be easily missed if you’re not looking for it. Tribune is a speakeasy located in downtown Fullerton. The door is… take a guess… near the bathroom inside the Florentine’s Grill. Easiest way is to find the bathroom, stand facing the bathroom and the door will be right behind you. The cocktails  ($10 – $15) are a-ok and the whiskey selections are also slim for a speakeasy. I ordered the Japanese old fashion and was expected to be wowed since I never an old fashion made with Japanese whiskey. The old fashion tasted like any other old fashion; there wasn’t anything special. The whiskey glass ratio to the drink was also extremely off (2/3rd filled), which make the drink unappealing. The service here; however, was fast and attentive. Cool little hole in a wall to drink in for those who want to avoid the crowd.

* Drink responsibly. By reading this article, you understand that I hold NO responsibility for any of your actions before and/or after your consumption of alcohol.

* Pricing may not reflect current pricing

Hosting a whiskey social event @ The Recess Room on Saturday, October 7th @ 6:30pm. Come mingle! 

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