Hi, welcome to What’s Cooking With Rose!

I’ve been asked numerous times if this blog is going to be about my cooking and recipe. No, it’s going to be more than just cooking. So what’s with the name ‘What’s Cooking With Rose’ then? Well, its sort of an idiom/slang for ‘What’s Going Rose?’. It would sort of be weird if my blog is called ‘whatsuprose’ right?  I love cooking and I have always wanted to create a blog to share my passion for cooking, drinking, eating yoga(ing) and traveling, so the name ‘whatscookingwithrose’ was born.


My passion for cooking started when I was 10. Cooking (and feeding) for my friends and family is a way for me to show my love and appreciation for them. Yoga is a hobby that I wanted to ‘try’ in 2016, and now it has become my daily routine. Stepping onto my yoga mat helps me refocus, recharge, and let go of all the craziness that may have happened that day or that week. Travel has brought new meanings to my life since I’ve been unemployed. To me, it is no longer just about jumping on a plane to see everything the world has to offer in another continent, but it is also about putting time aside to rethink and reevaluate the goals and purpose of my life.

On my blog, you’ll hear my struggles, encouragements, itinerary for travel plans, drinking suggestions and everything else in-between. Come walk my journey with me and join me on my ride! Follow-me on Instagram (#whatscookingwithrose) to get the latest updates before it gets published on my blog. Enjoy the read and feel free to share any of your thoughts with me too. Namaste!




P.S.: If you would like to donate to help me continue to cook, eat and blog, please feel free to send it to my venmo account @whatscookingwithrose (or RosyRose T). Thank you in advance!